Hello My fellow Gamers!

JFK Coming at you again. The question of the day is:  “Can you walk away from a casino even though you drove several hours to get there if you realize the high limit slots are on a taking cycle?”

Too many gamers’ feel they simply have to game just because they are there! If you’re all about MAKING MONEY on high limit slots and not get caught up in the euphoria, then I believe one can truly walk away. I believe society demonized gambling not because it’s just a bad thing, because believe me there’s a lot of worse things out there that’s legal.  I believe it’s demonized because of irresponsibility of the gamer.

Like anything else, if your responsible whether it’s with alcohol or prescription drugs it can be a rewarding endeavor.

Example, an occasional romantic drink or a special celebration with a drink is a good thing, the usage of a prescription drug is good if it helps you to get well and feel better. If gambling can result in a windfall for an individual whom desperately needs a windfall then that is also good thing. Hell let’s not even talk about getting a windfall in a desperate situation.   A windfall in general in my book is a blessing!

I would like some feedback on this!

JFK-Flippin n Dippin  


FREE PLAY – No such thing as “Casino free play” – you have earned that free play and it is a small % of what your play (money spent per slot machine) was for that particular gaming day or weekend. However, “Casino free play” can still be considered earned (“making money”) amount if you cash out or happen to receive a jackpot or hand pay while using the “Casino free play” like what happen in this video clip. I mention “YOU NEVER KNOW” referring to the free play that was activated on this high limit slot machine on whether or not You can make money or hit jackpots of off free play. Since this video clip we have made money many times off of free play.