JFK Tips are The Truth, Always Use Them Gold Strike Casino and Horseshoe Casino.. Jackpots Keep Coming

Terrance Braxton

JFK, I took your advice and came home with almost $15k, and they were not all hand pays. Like you say, the smaller payouts do add up.


For just a split second you’d think it’s surreal, but in reality it’s been more than real. JFK has been that deal. Great people are always going to shine for the world to see. Just look at JFK and the funny thing is even with proof people still can’t believe.


Used your strategies out in Vegas (Bally’s Casino) I was really stunned by what you teach. First I was playing singles and not maxing. As soon as I maxed on a $25 machine….BOOM!!!!! JFK you are the man!!! Flipping and DIPPING FO SHOW!!

Stan F.

Look at that Master at work!!! Yessssss! Just beautiful!!!! Insane!!! $200 in?!?!?!?! What?! My goodness!!! I need to learn from you, JFK how it’s done!!!!! So happy for you and your wife!!! Huge Congrats!!!

Erica’s Slot World

Love your videos.


I tried your strategies for the first time by playing the max bet and got my first hand pay after a few spins! Thanks for your advice and keep those videos coming!


I have been studying your style, since we frequent the same places, and I just wanted to say thank you. Since I’ve been watching you my trips have become moneymakers. I just returned home from Biloxi with a lot of cash that included back to back 1200, 4500, and 1000 jackpots within 45 minutes. If the haters on YouTube would pay close attention to your tips they would be making money too. If you are going to play slots Flippin n Dippin is the only way to go. I have many pictures and vids and a pile of tax forms to back up my claims. I hope I meet you so I can thank you in person. Can’t wait for your next video. JFK, Thanks again. A big flip n dip fan forever


I love watching your videos. Learning a lot from you. You are definitely the real deal.

J. Navarro

So I went to the MGM last night with $1,000 & flipped it to $3,581 using JFK slots techniques. I don’t care what yall say his methods really do work. I made a vid last night and thank you and shout out to JFK we flippin n dippin cuz of you.